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    "Mezzo-soprano, cantor and Concordia alumna Sofia Falkovitch enjoys her international reach. Falkovitch’s remarkable singing talents extend beyond her voice and onstage presence ..."

    – Concordia University

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    "Today's leading voice of the Jewish Cantorial Art"

    – Allegro

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    "A source of inspiration”



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    "A pioneer who finds her own way and style."

    – Deutsche Welle NEWS

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    "Falkovitch offers her view of millennia-old traditions. As a trained cantor and also a classical singer, she has all the prerequisites, both musically and in terms of her cultural integration, to give this music an authentic touch."

    – Pizzicato

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    "Her stunning voice convinced even the biggest sceptics!"

    – WDR

  • New Release! 

    Now available on all music platforms:






    Sofia's Masterclass - a one-of-a-kind experience in French/English/German/Russian..

    Cantor Sofia Falkovitch shares her expertise in Sacred Hebrew and Aramaic Chants, Cantillation, Phrasing, Breath Control and Eternal Vocal Presence.

    To inquire about individual online classes please email: cantor@sofiafalkovitch.com



    Soul Sisters goes to Strasbourg!

    Festival Sacrées Journées

    20/10 @8pm - Eglise Saints-Pierre-et-Paul


    21/10 @8pm - Eglise Ste Aurélie de Strasbourg






    Bonn 12/03 @4pm

    Limburg 30/04 @4pm

    Felsberg (Kassel) 25/06

    Hannover 27/8 @3pm

    Kiel 15/10 @3pm Theater im Werftpark

    Bernau 12/11 - Opening of Land Brandenburg’s Week against Anti-Semitism

    Dresden 10/12


    and so much more in the next months & years to come!



    💫 2022-2023 Through the lens of the Shechinah:


    Sofia is thanking her loyal international communities for making history together!


    Recent highlights include:


    Soul Sisters goes to London!

    Sofia with Raphaël Bougy on cello and Pouya Mahmoodi on Persian shourangiz, Kurdish Iranian tanboor & traditional setar

    September 7th 8pm

    JW3 341-351 Finchley Rd

    London NW3 6ET




    May 14 2023

    Concert Hall ECUJE

    Paris, FRANCE



    ✨Major Event Kirchentag


    June 7-11 2023

    Meistersingerhalle & Messezentrum 




    ✨UNESCO‘s Official Ceremony live from Paris Headquarters January 26 2023

    ✨Oratoire du Louvre Commemoration February 12 2023


    ✨Transcendental High Holiday Services in the heart of Hamburg at its landmark location considered to be the finest Hanseatic architectural heritage, at the St. Michaeliskirche Bach-Saal 2022


    ✨Groundbreaking Recordings in Paris, creativity coming from tradition 2022


    ✨Appointed Official Representative of the European European Cantors Convention 2022


    ✨Sensational Performances in the heart of downtown Budapest, UNESCO world heritage site the historic district of Belvaros, at the glorious Rumbach Synagogue 2022


    ✨Impactful Performance in the Historic Mozart-Saal in the heart of Hamburg celebrating over 200 Years Liberal Judaism 2022



    ✨Official delegation to Auschwitz for the duty of memory 2022


    Sofia Falkovitch, pionnière de l'art cantonal au féminin
    Sofia Falkovitch,  Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg
    Sofia Falkovitch, Les Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg


    GERMANY Concert Tour 2021-2022

    Sofia Falkovitch performs with Shoshana Klezmer Ensemble

    in the most beautiful Jewish sites and breathtaking Christian locations

    26/8/2021 @7pm - Gelsenkirchen

    29/8/2021 @3pm- Hamburg

    17/10/2021 @5pm - Erfurt

    23/10/2021 @7pm - Aachen

    24/10/2021 @4pm - Minden

    28/11/2021 @5pm - Lörrach

    (New Dates & Cities TBA)


    14/11/2021 @5pm - Last Parisian Performance Touring


    Sofia Falkovitch & Raphael Tambyeff

    Temple d'Auteuil

    53 rue Erlanger

    75106 Paris



    19-20/11/2021 - Sofia Falkovitch takes part in Enrico Macias's Exceptional Sephardic Music Night Events

    JEM à l'air Séfarade

    le vendredi un grand dîner chabbatique aux salons Hoche à 20h30

    et le samedi un concert acoustique à la synagogue Copernic




    5/9/2021 - Film "Cantor Sofia Falkovitch in Six Moments of the Jewish Liturgy" broadcasting as television premiere on Allegro HD


    6-7/9/2021 - Rosh Hashana Services with cantor Sofia Falkovitch




    16/9/2021 - Yom Kippur Services with cantor Sofia Falkovitch

    La synagogue de Beaugrenelle - JEM

    75015 Paris



    3/10/2021 @2pm - Film Premiere "Inhabiting One's Name - a French story", by Céline Masson

    Museum of Jewish Art and History

    71 Rue du Temple

    75003 Paris



    10/10 @3:30pm, 12 & 13/10/2021 @8:30pm - Worldpremiere Guilgoul

    "Metamorphosis of a Name"

    featuring cantor Sofia Falkovitch

    Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell

    38 boulevard de Bonne nouvelle

    75010 Paris


    Sofia Falkovitch,  Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg
    Sofia Falkovitch,  Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg
    Sofia Falkovitch,  Festival des Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg
    Sofia Falkovitch,  Elma Hall, Israel
    Sofia Falkovitch, créer des ponts
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    20/10/2019 @4 pm - Sofia Falkovitch



    à l'Eglise de la Madeleine

    Place de la Madeleine

    75008 Paris



    10/2019 - Sofia Falkovitch sur Judaïques FM




    10/11/2019 @4:30pm - Sofia Falkovitch in Concert Commemoration of Kristallnacht "Restoring the Broken Glass"

    Historic Chicago Loop Synagogue

    Chicago, IL



    14/11/2019 - Sofia Falkovitch en concert

    Oratoire du Louvre

    145 Rue Saint-Honoré

    75001 Paris



    20/11/2019 - Sofia Falkovitch chante lors de l'inauguration du Réseau de recherche sur le Racisme et l'Antisémitisme (RRA) à la Maison Européenne des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société (MESHS)

    à Lille



    01/12/2019 - Sofia Falkovitch guest

    Le Grand Live, i24NEWS

    Paris - Tel Aviv



    11/12/2019 - Sofia Falkovitch en concert

    Temple de l'Etoile

    54 Avenue de la Grande-Armée

    75017 Paris



    06/01/2019 @6pm - Sofia Falkovitch guest

    Arts and Culture Show, Deutsche Welle TV




    14/01/2020 - Atelier conférence au Forum 104

    104 rue de Vaugirard




    06-10/02/2020 - Sofia Falkovitch en concert

    Théâtre du Complexe Culturel Sidi Belyiout




    31/05/2020 - Sofia Falkovitch in Concert



    07/06/2020 - Sofia Falkovitch in Concert



    13/06/2020 à 20h - Sofia Falkovitch en concert "Voices & Stones"

    Festival d'été



    Sofia Falkovitch speaks about her current events

    with Lise Gutmann on Judaïques FM


    Sofa Falkovitch & Iurie Morar
    Cantor Sofia Falkovitch reads 'Tombeau pour Cinq Cent Mille Soldats' for 50th anniversary of the book at Azzedine Alaia Gallery on October 19, 2017 in Paris, France.

    This is a little journey of 7 languages in one take. It is an attempt to express how I feel about the languages I speak and how they happened to appear in my life. It is also an experiment in intercultural communication and the various language movements in our global village that I am sure many of us can relate to. I had fun making it, hope you enjoy watching! – Sofia Falkovitch

    Ausdrucksstarter Gesang, Sofia Falkovitch, CD Chants hébraïques et chants d'amour, Rezension, Pizzicato
    Alumna Sofia Falkovitch’s musical journey
    Sofia Falkovitch, CD Chants hébraïques et chants d'amour, Actualité Juive
    Sofia Falkovitch, European Cantors Association Review
    Sofia Falkovitch,  MAHJ, L'empreinte d'un geste, Pilpoul
    Sofia Falkovitch, un art qui mérite d'être connu
    Sofia Falkovitch, Kol Zimrah, Pavel Roytman, Paris, Chicago
    Sofia Falkovitch
    Sofia Falkovitch, Limoud France
    Sofia Falkovitch, la seule femme cantor en Francee
    Sofia Falkovitch, un art qui mérite d'être connu
    Sofia Falkovitch Facebook Page
    Sofia Falkovitch, European Days of Jewish Culture, Freiburg
    Chasanut in Mezzosopran, Sofia Falkovitch, Jüdische Allgemeine
    Chasanut in Mezzosopran, Sofia Falkovitch, Jüdische Allgemeine p.1
    Chasanut in Mezzosopran, Sofia Falkovitch, Jüdische Allgemeine p.2
    Sofia Falkovitch, un art qui mérite d'être connu
    Sofia Falkovitch, un art qui mérite d'être connu
  • Sofia Falkovitch, Paris City Hall, Les Voix de la Paix

    Les Voix de la Paix

    Paris City Hall

    Sofia Falkovitch & Alberto Mizrahi (the Jewish Pavarotti), Unique Concert

    Sold out concert

    Sofia Falkovitch sings atop Masada, ancient synagogue

    „Klingendes Israel" - Musikreise Opernregisseur Michael Sturm


    On January 15 2016, Sofia Falkovitch sings atop the fortress of Masada in the ancient synagogue as part of a cultural trip she accompanies which intends to introduce Israel through music and operas in each of its cities.

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    Sofia officiates as High Holy Day Hazzan since 2010 in the following cities around the globe:

























  • New Albums!


    All CDs ordered here can include personal gift messages and be autographed by Sofia Falkovitch. Make sure to leave us a message with your order.



    Hazzan (cantor) Sofia Falkovitch creates a new bridge of dialogue by interweaving Ashkenazi and Sephardic melodies with her musicians and guest singer Françoise Atlan by opening in this way the door to ancient traditions. This project, Soul Sisters, is accompanied by qanun and cello.
    Coming soon


    Sofia Falkovitch, mezzo-soprano and cantor, interprets psalms and sacred Hebrew music, accompanied by Raphael Tambyeff on the organ. A captivating and spiritual album!
    Coming soon
    CD - Chants hébraïques et chants d'amour (Hebrew and Love Songs)

    CD - Chants hébraïques et chants d'amour (Hebrew and Love Songs)

    "Expressive singing ... Beautiful recording ... The widespread programme is presented in a subtly nuanced, soulful manner." - Pizzicato

    For the first time in France, Jewish sacred music is sung by a female cantor accompanied by a chamber orchestra. The primary aim of the artist Sofia Falkovitch is to pass on and share her love for these musical treasures inherited from previous generations. Wishing you a beautiful discovery of these magnificent interpretations!
    Coming soon


    Coming soon


    "A source of inspiration”

    – UNESCO


    "Mezzo-soprano, cantor and Concordia alumna Sofia Falkovitch enjoys her international reach.

    Falkovitch’s remarkable singing talents extend beyond her voice and onstage presence to her fluency in Russian, French, German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish and English. Her singing range is wide, coloured and layered, while her technique both textured and complex. In her life as a singer, Falkovitch sees a treasure trove of opportunity to work together and communicate with people of other religions and cultures, through storytelling and creativity. Her optimistic and pragmatic outlook envisions a way to come together, to bridge the mosaical divide by tearing down walls and prejudices — through the gift of music."

    – Concordia University


    “Today’s leading voice of the Jewish Cantorial Art”

    – Allegro


    “A pioneer who finds her own way and style.”

    – Deutsche Welle


    “Her stunning voice convinced even the biggest sceptics!”

    – WDR


    “An Exceptional Artist!”

    – Tribune Juive


    “Expressive singing ... Beautiful recording ... The widespread program is presented in a subtly nuanced, soulful manner”– Pizzicato, in review of her album “Chants hébraïques et chants d'amour” Hebrew and Love Songs (Diapason d’Or) by Calliope Records.



    Paris-based mezzo-soprano, extemporizer, composer, artistic director and producer, Sofia Falkovitch is the first female cantor (hazzan) ever trained and ordained in Europe and remains the only one in the history of France. Today she leads an active international career.


    Born in Moscow, Sofia studies in Israel, Germany and Canada, and is trained by sought-after voice professors and masters of Jewish music. Sofia is the Official Ambassador of the European Cantors Association, jury member of international vocal competitions, festivals, artistic and spiritual committees.


    This prodigy’s primary aim is to pass on and share her love for the musical treasures inherited from previous generations. Her award-wining recordings and conceptual projects are regularly featured on TV and in festivals across Europe, Israel, Canada and the USA.


    Among her teachers are Reine Décarie (Vincent d'Indy School of Music), Madeleine Thériault (Jazz Voice Professor at McGill Schulich School of Music), Marina Levitt and Penina Schwartz (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance), Eliyahu Schleifer (Hebrew Union College of Jerusalem), Nino Sandow (Hanns Eisler Academy of Music Berlin), Verena Rein (Berlin University of the Arts) and Theresa Brancaccio (Northwestern Bienen School of Music).


    Sofia is a scholarship recipient of the German National Academic Foundation Ernst-Ludwig-Ehrlich for Gifted Students. She learned Cantorial Arts at the School of Sacred Music of the Hebrew Union College and the Steinsaltz Institute in Jerusalem. She also studied at the Abraham Geiger College in Berlin and the University of Potsdam and wrote her Master’s thesis on the composer Samuel Naumbourg and his Influence on the Synagogue Music in Europe.


    “Falkovitch, a mezzo-soprano, combines her opera training with ancient religious melodies and Yiddish folk music.” – Religion Unplugged Magazine. While Sofia’s main specialty is Jewish Sacred Music, she also boasts extensive non-Jewish repertoire in more than 7 languages, in various genres, styles and collaborates with world-renowned artists, such as Enrico Macias, Agnès Jaoui, Alberto Mizrahi (the Jewish Pavarotti).


    Sofia captivates by her unique approach and original vocal expression, rare instantly recognizable 3-octave voice described as “transcendent”, her ability to communicate easily in many languages and all that with a natural charisma.


    Intercultural and interfaith dialogue is at the core of Sofia’s creative work. A highly sought-after all-round performer, cantor and speaker, Sofia is regularly invited to appear in gala concerts, recitals and officiates at public events in Paris (such as the Festival of Jewish Culture, the Museum of Jewish Art and History, Paris City Hall, art galleries), in Israel (Elma Concert Hall, Blaustein Hall Jerusalem, Masada Historic Complex), in Berlin and throughout Europe (including her appearance as the first female cantor in Luxembourg), in North America and Asia at prestigious concert halls and international festivals.


    Sofia is an ambassador of her faith and a leading voice of her generation. She therefore sings in places of worship, Cathedrals, Mosques and Synagogues representing all major branches of contemporary Judaism (such as the Imperial Cathedral in Aachen, Copernic Synagogue Paris, The Great Mosque of Strasbourg, Berlin Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue, St. Matthäus-Kirche Kulturforum Berlin; the Long Night of Religions at the Humboldt University of Berlin, the Freie University Berlin and the European Days of Jewish Culture in Freiburg).


    Sofia’s recent performances include UNESCO’s Official Ceremonies from Paris Headquarters, Official Delegation to Auschwitz-Birkenau, Historic Rumbach Synagogue in Budapest, the Sacrées Journées de Strasbourg Festival, La Madeleine Church, Oratoire du Louvre, Temple de l'Etoile and the Church of Saint-Merri in Paris, Historic Chicago Loop Synagogue (the first woman ever to sing on the bima of this Synagogue), KAM Isaiah Israel, BHBE in Chicago and the Jewish Music Festival in Brussels.


    In addition to performances, Sofia’s voice is regularly featured on Deutsche Welle News (Germany’s public international broadcaster), WDR (West German Broadcaster), i24NEWS (Israeli international 24-hour news and current affairs television channel), Deutschland Radio, France Culture, FIP, Allegro classical music channel and other TV and radio networks.


    An accomplished actress, Sofia appears in numerous Theater and TV productions, including the Russian-language production Franzuzkie Strasti (French Passions) and collaborations with Theatre "O!" in Montreal, Canada. There she hosted the popular cultural TV program "Russian Hour", toured with her innovative Yiddish Show "Desert Rites", appeared at the KlezKanada Festival and worked as a journalist for RTVi Overseas Media in New York.


    Sofia’s performances are always sensational, her life story a source of fascination and the subject of documentaries for Deutsche Welle. Her creative and personal journey is also documented in the short film Di Shtim iz di Feder fun Hartsen (The Voice is the Pen of the Heart).


    Sofia lives in Paris with her two children. She speaks French, German, English, Russian, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish (watch 7-Language-Video).







    For concerts, recordings, religious ceremonies or interview requests in France and abroad, please contact us via the contact form below or email cantor@sofiafalkovitch.com



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